Material Submittals

Spray Foam

Is the best combatant of heat loss and air infiltration than any other insulation material including fiberglass and cellulose.

  • Xtreme Seal Closed Cell 0.5 LX   |
  • Xtreme Seal Open Cell 0.4 LX Shield   |
  • Xtreme Seal Closed Cell 2.0   |
  • Swd 108   |
  • Thermoseal 2000   |
  • Thermoseal 500   |
  • SES NexSeal 2.0   |
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Is one of the most prevalent forms of insulation used today. It offers many advantages and serves to control temperature in homes, as it helps to prevent air exchange between the inside and outside of homes. Fiberglass insulation also serves to control sound and helps homeowners to save money by lowering energy costs.

  • Owen corning Fiberglass     |
  • Knauf Fiberglass   |
  • Johns Manville Fiberglass   |
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Blowing Fiberglass

Save up to 20% on cooling & heat bills.

  • L77 Blowing Fiberglass   |
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Blowing Cellulose

Fills gaps and voids to create an energy saving thermal blanket that can lower heating and cooling costs by 25% and reduce sound power by 60%.

  • 515LD Green Fiber Blowing Cellulose 3     |
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Product that would better meet the needs of architects and installing contractors alike.

  • Monoglass Spray-On Insulation   |
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Fireproofing, a passive fire protection measure, refers to the act of making materials or structures more resistant to fire, or to those materials themselves, or the act of applying such materials.

  • Type 5GP     |
  • Type 7GP     |
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Is the process of making an object or structure waterproof or water-resistant so that it remains relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

  • Tremco Watchdog   |
  • Tremco Tuff-n-dri H8   |
  • GMX Ultra-Shield 1730     |
  • GMX Ultra-Shield WB     |
  • Comfort Dry     |
  • Thermal Drain     |
  • 3/4" - R-3 Insulation  
  • 1" - R-5 Insulation  
  • 2" - R-10 Insulation  
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Reduces Sound Tranmissions; Fire Resistant & Water Repellent.

  • AFB 3"   |
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Maintains R-Value year after year; Fire Resistant & Water Repellent.

  • 5.5" R-23   |
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Provides Excellent Thermal Insulation, Fire Protection And Noise Control In Residential And Light Commercial Buildings.

  • Ultrabatt   |
  • Commercial SAFB   |
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Thermal Barrier

15-minute thermal barrier coating Water-based, single-component, non-flammable, intumescent, interior coating designed to expand in the event of a fire to provide a protective layer of char that could starve fire of oxygen and prevent flame contact with protected surfaces.

  • DC-315   |
  • Albi     |
  • No-Burn   |
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Windows and Doors

For installing and insulating window and door frames, filling of cavities, sealing openings in roof construction, creating a soundproof screens.

  • Soudal     |
  • Tytan   |
  • Tremco     |
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Is a general-purose sealant that is designed to maintain its fire protection for up to 3-hours.

  • 3M   |
  • Tytan     |
  • Boss     |
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Foam Board Insulation

For installing and insulating window and door frames, filling of cavities, sealing openings in roof construction, creating a soundproof screens.

  • Rmax TSX-8500   |
  • Thermax Sheathing     |
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